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Umrah Packages

Choose Our Umrah Packages for Comfort and Convenience

Every Muslim yearns for visiting the Khana Ka'aba and Masjid e Nabawi (PBUH) once in his/her lifetime. We are here to help you with our flexible deals. We aim to provide complete services to our valued customers. Umrah Deals UK offers visa processing, flight booking, hotel reservations and transportation in its packages. They provide you access to best airlines and the closest accommodation to the sacred places at cheapest rates. We not only provide transportation from the airport to your booked accommodation but also for accessing the holy places.

Allah has declared the pilgrims as His guests and we strive to serve them in the true spirit of Islam. For us, they are not mere customers but our Muslim brothers and sisters. That’s why; we facilitate their holy journey in the best possible way.  All of our deals are designed to cater maximum needs of our customers. However, if you want to add or omit something, we can customize the package according to your specific requirements.

5 Star Umrah Packages

14 Nights Umrah Package 5 star Umrah Packages
Makkah:7Makkah Marriott
Madina:7 Crown Plaza
From £1042pp
12 Nights Umrah Package 5 star Umrah Packages
Makkah:6 Elaf Ajyad (Makkah)
Madina:6 Al Eiman Qibla
From £940pp
10 Nights Umrah Package 5 star Umrah Packages
Makkah:5 Al Shohada Hotel (Makkah)
Madina:5 Al Haram Hotel (Madina)
From £786pp
7 Nights Umrah Package 5 star Umrah Packages
Makkah:4 Makkah Swiss Hotel
Madina:3 Anwarul Madinah Movenpick
From £905pp

4 Star Umrah Packages

14 Nights Umrah Package 4 Star Umrah Packages
Makkah:7 Dar Al Eiman Grand
Madina:7 Sofra Al Huda
From £880pp
12 Nights Umrah Package 4 Star Umrah Packages
Makkah:6 Dar Al Eiman Ajyad
Madina:6 Zowar International
From £795pp
10 Nights Umrah Package 4 Star Umrah Packages
Makkah:5 Elaf Ajyad
Madina:5 Al Eiman Qibla
From £680pp
7 Nights Umrah Package 4 Star Umrah Packages
Makkah:4 Dar Al Eiman Grand
Madina:3 Al Eiman Taibah
From £665pp

3 Star Umrah Packages

14 Nights Umrah Package 3 Star Umrah Packages
Makkah:7 Daral eiman Mohajreen (Makkah)
Madina:7 Manazel Alaswaf Hotel (Madina)
From £790pp
12 Nights Umrah Package 3 Star Umrah Packages
Makkah:6 Dar Al Eiman Al Andalus (Makkah)
Madina:6 Elaf Taibah (Madina)
From £735pp
10 Nights Umrah Package 3 Star Umrah Packages
Makkah:5 Durrat Dar Al Eiman (Makkah)
Madina:5 Al Waha Al Rawdah (Madina)
From £670pp
7 Nights Umrah Package 3 Star Umrah Packages
Makkah:4 Dar Al Eimaan Dar Al Zahabi (Makkah)
Madina:3 Al Eiman Ohud Hotel (Madina)
From £605pp
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Flight Bookings With Us

You can get the services of our expert tour agents in booking affordable flights departing from London, Manchester, Birmingham and other cities of UK. We recommend you to book flights six weeks prior to your departure so you can avail cheap rates. Just call us and choose your desired international airline and suitable dates. Experience the most convenient Umrah by getting one of our cheap Umrah packages. You can either choose our full cheapest Umrah packages or get our services only for booking flights. We strive to make your holy journey hassle free.

Our agents will arrange cheapest flights tickets for you and your family. If you want to perform your Umrah with complete peace of mind then choose one of our five star cheap Umrah packages. We have collaborated with multiple international airlines like Turkish Airlines, Air France, British Airways, Emirates and many more for Umrah flight bookings. Our top priority is to offer affordable rates to our Muslim brothers and sisters who want to seek Allah's forgiveness and blessings in the sacred cities of Makkah and Madina. Performing Umrah will surely make you a better Muslim.

Five Star Accommodations

We, at Umrah Deals UK, know that accommodation is an important aspect of your holy journey. For providing comfortable accommodation in Makkah and Madina, we have associated with multiple 4 star and 5 star hotels. We work hard to get the closest possible hotels so you can reach sacred places without any hurdle. You can also avail our services for hotel reservations if you have taken care of every other detail of your pilgrimage. But it is highly recommended to avail one of our full package so you can perform your Umrah without any hassle.

As Makkah and Madina are visited around the year by the pilgrims for performing Umrah and Hajj, immense investment has been made for constructing world class hotels. Our agent will help you in choosing the suitable hotel for your accommodation. You can choose your desired 4 or 5 star hotel accommodations depending on your budget. We especially take care in providing accommodation to disabled persons and senior citizens. We make sure you get nearest accommodation to Khana Ka'aba and Masjid e Nabavi. All of our carefully designed packages guarantee comfort and convenience.

We, at Umrah Deals UK, are aware of the fact that everyone has a tough schedule these days and plans are suddenly made. Most of Muslim UK residents tend to make last minute plans for Umrah during their holidays. We are here to help you in making your Umrah hassle free as we are experts in making last minute arrangements. You just have to choose your desired package from our cheap Umrah Packages range and leave the rest on us.

Best Deals For Group

Before chalking out the details of our five star Umrah tours, our experts conduct thorough research. We take care of even minute details of every package. We not only offer packages for individuals and families but also for those who want to perform Umrah in groups. We cater groups of pilgrims coming from Birmingham, London, Manchester and other major cities of UK. Other than offering complete packages for groups, we also offer facility of booking flights only or making hotel reservations. Umrah Deals UK helps pilgrims who travel in group to acquire visa, flight bookings, hotel reservations and transportation. Choosing one of our five star packages will make your holy journey convenient. You can avail our professional services round the year. Contact our expert agents who will help you in getting the most suitable package for groups.

Why Choose Us?

  • We can cater your needs anytime of the year whether it’s off season or peak season.
  • We offer cheapest possible rates for Umrah deals in UK as our company has direct links with Saudi Arabia's hotels.
  • Our company strives to provide latest information in a professional manner.
  • Our company is IATA and ATOL certified.
  • We offer not only pre-sales but also after sales customer support to our valued customers.
  • You can contact our agents anytime on our dedicated helpline 020 3475 4866.
  • Umrah Deals UK offers multiple packages of different durations.
  • Our plans are flexible and you can customize them according to your needs.
  • We have experienced agents which will help you in visa processing, choosing the best airline and right hotel to suit your needs. Our agents are at your service round the clock. You can call or email them anytime for resolving your queries related to our cheapest Umrah packages. All of the queries are answered in matter of minutes.